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City Guide

Szczecin - one of the largest and the most beautiful cities of West Pomerania. Not without a reason called "the city of greenery". There are a lot of parks and places ideal for long walks. One of the most popular is the Kasprowicz Park - a municipal park located in the central part of Szczecin, which enchants with greenery and picturesque scenery. The charming Rusałka lake and the beautiful Rose Garden are located within the Kasprowicz Park.

Architecture enthusiasts will also find something of interest here. Wały Chrobrego (King Chrobry’s Embankment), the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle or the newly built Philharmonic will surely make an impression on any tourist. On the other hand, anyone who values physical activity and culture will spend unforgettable moments in Szczecin’s sports facilities and cultural institutions.


Brama Portowa

Object photo

Richly decorated gate built in the Baroque style is a valuable source of information about the history of Szczecin. It was a part of Prussian fortifications. Its walls present, among others, the city panorama, an information, written in Latin, about the purchase of Szczecin by Frederick William in 1717 and a disc presenting the Prussia emblem. Once upon a time, it was necessary to go through Brama Portowa to go from Szczecin to Berlin (thus its original name - Berlin Gate). In 1954, the gate was entered in the register of monuments.

Wały Chrobrego

Object photo

The favourite place of meetings of the inhabitants. A part of the profile of the city along the Oder River. There is an almost 500-metre viewing terrace, which offers a magnificent view of the Oder River. The embankments are one of the most picturesque urban and architectonic complexes, which were created in Europe in the 20th century, and the terrace being part of them was entered into the register of monuments in 1996.

Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle

ul. Korsarzy 34

Object photo

One of the most beautiful castles in Poland. Its history dates back to 1346. Its walls housed the seat of the legendary Gryfitowie family, who were the rulers of Pomerania. Until this day, the castle has many historical elements, such as frescos on the tower of the southern wing or Gothic vaultings. The Castle houses the Castle Museum organising interesting tours of its historic chambers.

Baszta Siedmiu Płaszczy

ul. Panieńska 47

Object photo

History of the fortified tower dates back to the 14th century. It is regarded as one of the symbols of Szczecin. It is a remnant of the 14th century Gothic fortifications. During important Szczecin events, its image may be encountered on flags or logos of various institutions. An interesting legend is related to this structure concerning the prince from the Gryfitowie family and a municipal tailor. The fortified tower was entered into the Register of Monuments.

The building of Poczta Polska

al. Niepodległości 41/42

Object photo

A Neo-Gothic structure built in 1905 was to be the seat of the Prussian Royal Post Office. The visual appearance of the building is a typical example not only of the architecture of Szczecin but also of West Pomerania. Within its area, there are tremendous portals and well-preserved rails which were used by luggage trams. The building was entered into in the register of monuments.

Pomnik Czynu Polaków

Kasprowicz Park

Object photo

The monument is a way to thank three generations of Poles living in Szczecin. These generations are symbolised by 3 eagles placed on the monument. It was unveiled in 1979 in the Kasprowicz Park. Its height is more than 22 metres, and the wing span of the eagles - 6.5 metres. The monument also presents information about its co-creators and donors. It is made of bronze and steel.

The Starówka

Old Town

Object photo

Beautiful architecture and a few very good restaurant premises - it is a brief description of the Old Town in Szczecin. Despite the fact that the Starówka was significantly damaged during the World War II, its area includes such monuments as the Pomeranian Dukes' Castle, Brama Królewska or Pałac pod Globusem. In addition, this place is famous for the presence of numerous parks and squares.

Klub 13 Muz

Plac Żołnierza 2

Object photo

The building which today is the seat of the Klub 13 Muz was built in 1887-1889. In 1946 Klub 13 Muz was established, which was aimed at stimulating the cultural life of the city and the region. One of its founders was Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński. Until this day, it houses various exhibitions, meetings and discussion panels, author's evenings, as well as small concerts and projections of films or documentaries important for the city and culture.

Zajezdnia Niemierzyn

ul. Niemierzyńska 18A

Object photo

This facility is currently the seat of one of the largest technical museums in Poland. It was created in 1907, and its closing took place in 2004. In the Museum of Technology and Communication operating within its area, it is possible to see historical vehicles related to the Polish and Szczecin automotive industry. There are buses, trams as well as cars and motorcycles. Lessons for children, workshops and temporary exhibitions are regularly organised here.

Pionier cinema

al. Wojska Polskiego 2

Object photo

One of the oldest cinemas in the world, continuously operating in the same place. It has been functioning since 1909, although some records indicate that the shows have been taking place here already since 1907. The cinema has two halls – the historical and the "Kiniarnia" hall (the spectators can watch projections of films with a cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine). Despite its modern equipment, the Pionier cinema has preserved its historical character to this day.


Central Cemetery

Object photo

The most recognisable element within the area of one of the largest cemeteries in Europe. It was built it 1900-1902. It was inspired by the Romanesque architecture. It was created on the plan of the Greek Cross. It is characterised by richly decorated facade and a high dome. It is also worth paying attention to the environment – there is a spacious swimming pool and a fountain nearby.

Archcathedral Basilica of St. James the Apostle

ul. św. Jakuba 5

Object photo

The second largest church in Poland. The interiors of the basilica house several smaller chapels, organs, images of saints, historical bas-reliefs, paintings, and a monumental altar. It was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th century. It is an example of the Brick Gothic works. There is a viewing terrace on the top of the cathedral tower. For years, it was modernised many times and served different functions - from a parish church through a protestant temple to a Latin church.

Underground Routes of Szczecin

ul. Kolumba 1/6

Object photo

The largest civil shelter in Poland from the period of the World War II. Its function was to protect the civilian population during air attacks. Total area of the shelter amounts to 2,500 m2, while thickness of the walls - 3 m. Within its area, there are two professionally guided routes for visitors concerning different topics. The first one concerns the World War II, and the second the period of the Cold War.

The House of Catherine II

ul. Farna 1

Object photo

This is the building were an extraordinary person was born – tsarina Catherine II. She was the daughter of the commanding officer of the Prussian Szczecin fortress. The history presents her as a person known for her bloody reigns and the fact that she played a certain role in the Partitions of Poland. She presented Szczecin with 23 commemoration medals, which were sent to the Town Hall. Today, the wall of the building is decorated with the information about the person who was born in here in 1729.

Shopping centers

Shopping and Entertainment Center Galaxy

Aleja Wyzwolenia 18-20

Shopping Center Fala

Aleja Wyzwolenia 44a

Atrium Molo

ul. Mieszka I 73

Shopping Center Kaskada

Aleja Niepodległości 36

Shopping Center Turzyn

Aleja Bohaterów Warszawy 42

Parks and recreation

Rose Garden

Object photo

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Szczecin. Różanka is a charming garden with the total area of 2 ha, situated by the Kasprowicz Park. There is a lot of different species of deciduous trees, coniferous trees, and various kinds of shrubs, however, the largest delight is brought by roses – more precisely, more than one hundred species of roses which may be admired there. No wonder that this is the most frequently visited place in Szczecin.

Jasne Błonia

Object photo

A wide, grassy area located between the City Hall and the Kasprowicz Park. There is the largest cluster of London planetrees in Poland. In spring, Jasne Błonia delight with a beautiful violet hue of crocuses which are impossible to look away from. The main point of Jasne Błonia is the monument of Pope John Paul II, surrounded by a lot of benches and avenues meant for daily walks.

Jan Kasprowicz Park

Object photo

This is the largest municipal park in Szczecin, where it is possible to encounter trees rarely occurring in other parts of Poland. Its area features the Helena Majdaniec Summer Theatre, the Rusałka lake and the Rose Garden. In the neighbourhood of the park, there is also one of the symbols of Szczecin - Pomnik Czynu Polaków showing three flying eagles. The Kasprowicz Park is an ideal place for people seeking relaxation and rest. Closeness with nature definitely favours rest and quietening.

Stefan Żeromski Park

Object photo

It covers 24 ha and is the second largest municipal park within the area of Szczecin. It is located in the very heart of the city, near the impressive Wały Chrobrego. The park houses almost 200 different species of trees and shrubs, and its area has many elements of the so-called small architecture.

Stefan Kownas Dendrological Garden

Object photo

One of the most attractive municipal parks located in Szczecin. It includes the surface of 15.5 hectare. You may encounter here numerous unusual post-glacial boulders and old trees of impressive sizes. The territory of the garden includes a boulder with a tablet in the form of an oak leaf in honour of professor Stefan Kownas - the head of the Department of Botanics of the Szczecin University of Agriculture.

Sports facilities

Go-kart track

Aleja Wojska Polskiego 237a

Object photo

A perfect place for those who like competition and a bit of adrenaline. The over 800-metre track provides unforgettable experiences. It is an interesting attraction for both older and younger adventure enthusiasts. Thus, it is worth coming here with your family, friends or a group of colleagues from work in order to integrate and spent time in an interesting way.

Floating Arena

ul. Wąska 16

Object photo

The sports complex is located at ul. Wąska, in the very centre of Szczecin. It is one of the most innovative facilities in Poland. In addition to a 50-metre swimming pool, the arena also features a rowing pool, a hall, sports gym, and stands housing more than two thousand guests. The Floating Arena is also a place for many sport events, the largest of which was held in 2011 - it was the European Swimming Championship.

ARKONKA Swimming Pool and Recreational Complex

ul. Arkońska 30a

Object photo

It is located within the area of the Arkoński Forest. Due to its numerous attractions, it is a place which will provide a lot of entertainment both to children and adults. In summer, it attracts all people seeking relaxation and rest, while in winter, it is a place for skating. Within the area of Arkonka, there are not only swimming pools but also tennis and badminton courts, volleyball fields, an artificial beach, a skatepark, a playground, and an open-air gym. Surely everybody will find something interesting there.

"Głębokie" Bathing Area

ul. Zegadłowicza 1

Object photo

A bathing area full of greenery, which is located in the southern part of the Głębokie Lake. This is one of the most popular bathing areas within the area of Szczecin, which, during summer holidays, is very popular not only among the inhabitants of the city but also of the nearby communes. It is estimated that, every year, the bathing area is used by as many as several thousand people, which means that this is a very popular place.

Medical tourism

There are many specialist clinics and hospitals in Szczecin, which enjoy recognition of both Polish and foreign patients. Such factors as well-equipped doctor's rooms and qualified personnel bring particular popularity to stomatology treatments, plastic surgeries, preventive medicine, and rehabilitation. In addition to the qualifications of doctors, very attractive prices also have an excellent effect on the development of medical tourism in Szczecin. Thanks to the cosy interior design, the stay in Platinum Suites is favourable for convalescence and facilitates faster recovery.

Aesthetic Med

ul. Mieczysława Niedziałkowskiego 47

Object photo

Aesthetic Med belongs to the group of the most advanced plastic surgery clinics both in Poland and in the Western Pomerania region. Its experienced and perfectly trained medical team provides clients with a number of traditional and innovative treatments, which are performed with the highest quality service, which is proven by the reputation and trust of the patients.

Culture and entertainment

Mieczysław Karłowicz Philharmonic

ul. Małopolska 48

Object photo

One of the most interesting places in Szczecin – in terms of architecture and culture. Since 2014, its seat has been a modern building, which gradually obtains prestigious awards in competitions associated with culture and architecture. Its interiors host not only symphonic but also rock and jazz concerts. During special occasions, the building is colourfully illuminated.

Euro-region Culture Centre Stara Rzeźnia

ul. Tadeusza Wendy 14

Object photo

An exceptional place related to culture, which hosts exhibitions, performances, film shows for children and adults. The Centre has been operating since the end of 2014. Its purpose is to increase interest of the inhabitants in the broadly understood culture, including maritime and port tradition of Szczecin. It is also worth mentioning that the building in which Stara Rzeźnia is located dates back to 1243.

The National Museum

ul. Staromłyńska 27

Object photo

The exhibitions include those concerning, among others, the remarkable history of Szczecin and Pomerania. The building where the museum is located is one of the most characteristic in Szczecin and the largest of this type in Poland. In addition to the exhibitions related to the region, it also features exhibitions related to non-European culture monuments, which belong to the largest groups in our country.

Contemporary Art Gallery

ul. Bogusława 7

Object photo

Various exhibitions of diverse topics meet the expectations of even the most demanding art lovers. The gallery organises ceramic classes which may be attended by students and individual persons. The exhibition includes sculptures and works made of glass, ceramics, graphics and paintings.

"Pleciuga" Puppet Theatre

Plac Teatralny 1

Object photo

A wide repertoire, including more or less known stories from fairy tales and legends, continuously charms children with its magic. The theatre has been functioning since 1953. Its stage hosts both small and spectacular performances. Additionally, Pleciuga organises various international projects.

Modern Theatre

Wały Chrobrego 3

Object photo

The theatre which, during each performance, transports its spectators into unusual places. Its feature unsurpassed anywhere else is that the Modern Theatre is the only Polish theatre to have a foyer overlooking the Oder River and a part of the Port. It was established in 1950, its stages hosted eminent theatrical actors - Danuta Stenka, Maria Seweryn, Jerzy Zelnik. Two stages are located in the main seat by Wały Chrobrego, while Deptak Bogusław is the location of the stage called the "Small Theatre".

TRAFO Centre for Contemporary Art

Świętego Ducha 4

Object photo

The Centre for Contemporary Art, located in the building of the historic transformer station, is the perfect combination of the past with the present. TRAFO organises exhibitions, meetings with artists, workshops for children. Very often, cultural events concern not only Polish but also foreign artists. The Centre has a cafe and a bookstore.

Polish Theatre

Swarożyca 5

Object photo

The theatre, created after the World War II, to this day captivates the heart of the audience with its unusual repertoire, and performances starring actors of the Szczecin Polish Theatre win many prizes. Next to the classic works, the theatre presents well-known dramas in new arrangements and the so far unknown spectacles. The theatre has 3 stages which also host concerts or meet-the-author sessions with outstanding Polish artists.

Castle Opera

Korsarzy 34

Object photo

A place which presents the most beautiful arias, well-known ballet spectacles and stories from fables and legends. The beginnings of its operations date back to 1956. The opera house organises events which have a permanent place in its calendar. They include the most well-recognised concerts of the series entitled "For those who never came back from the Sea". As the only opera house in Poland, it presents all operas by Stanisław Moniuszko.

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